Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Workout Collection

I have Insanity on order, and am waiting for the 4 Dove's Bodies and the new Jackie Warner to be released in November, and then I will be right at the 200 mark.

Leslie Sansone

1) Power Mile
2) Sculpt and Burn
3) Walk and Jog
4) Walk Away Your Waistline
5) Walk and Kick
6) Walk Slim Fast Start - 1 & 2 Miles plus 3 Fast Miles
7) Walk Slim - 4 Fast Miles
8) Deluxe Fat Burning Walk
9) Express 4 Miles
10) Deluxe Walk
11) Express 1 & 2 Miles
12) 4 Really Big Miles
13) Express 3 Miles
14) Big Burn 2 Miles
15) 5 Mile Fat Burning

Jillian Michaels

16) Shape Up - Front
17) Shape Up - Backside
18) Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism
19) Hot Bod in a Box Cards
20) 30 Day Shred
21) No More Trouble Zones
22) Maximize - Full Frontal
23) Maximize - Back in Action
24) Cardio Kickbox


25) Bar Method - Fat Free
26) Bar Method - Designer Sculpting
27) Fluidity - Seat and Thigh
28) Fluidity - Beginner
29) Fluidity - Intermediate
30) Fluidity - Advanced
31) Pure Barre
32) Total Body Lift
33) Squeeze
34) Squeeze Stronger
35) Squeeze Lower Body Challenge
36) Lotte Berk - Hipe Hugger Abs
37) Lotte Berk - Basic Essentials
38) Lotte Berk - Muscle Eats Fat
39) Lotte Berk - High Round Assets
40) Element Ballet Conditioning
41) Physique 57 - Express
42) Physique 57 - Arm and Ab Booster
43) Physique 57 - Classic
44) Ballet Workout 1
45) Ballet Workkout 2
46) New Ballet Workout

Kelly Coffey-Meyer

47) 30 Minutes to Fitness - Body Training
48) 30 Minutes to Fitness - Weights
49) 30 Minutes to Fitness - Cardio Blast
50) 30 Minutes to Fitness - Muscle Definition
51) 30 Minutes to Fitness - Bootcamp
52) The Shape of Things to Come
53) Cardio/Sculpt

Kari Anderson

54) Go
55) Reach
56) Push

Gin Miller

57) Serious Strength
58) Intense Moves
59) Simply Step
60) Ramp - Super Sculpt
61) Ramp - Cardio Express
62) Ramp - Ramping Basics
63) Ramp - Super Cardio
64) Ramp - Abs
65) Ramp - Ramping Up

Firm/KickButt/FitPrime/Tracie Long

66) KB - Crunch Time
67) KB - Push Pull & Steamin' Cardio
68) Lower Body Burn
Revolutions - TLP
69) - Core Foundations
70) - Functional Strength
71) - Dynamic Strength and Power
TLT Fitness Collection
72) - Strength in Movement
73) - Endurance for Movement
74) - Better Burn, Better Buns
75) - Fining Your Core
76) Transfirmer - Supercharged Sculting
77) Transfrmer - Aerobic Body Shaping
78) BSS2 - Complete Aerobics and Weight Training
79) FP - Metaboost & FlexPosture
80) Boot Camp - 3 in 1 Mix
81) Cross Trainers - Upper Body Split
82) Total Body Shaping Mix
83) 500 Calorie Burn
84) Ultimate Fat Burner


85) Iron Core 1
86) Iron Core 2

Amy Bento

87) All Pump Extreme
88) Slo-Mo Strength Challenge

Cathe Friedrich

89) Basic Step
90) Core Max
91) Stretch Max


92) Global Unity
93) Unplugged
94) Chantal Pierrat - Soul Sweat


95) Interval Training for Men
96) Sculpt and Tone


97) Patricia Moreno - Kickbox Core Fusion
98) Patricia Moreno - Kickbox Yoga Fusion
99) Tanja Djelevic - Cardio Balance Ball

Shape/Self/Results/Women's Health

100) Self- Slim and Sleek Fast
101) Results - Boost Your Metabolism
102) Results - 10 Days to a Better Body
103) Shape - Bikini Body All Year Round
104) WH - Train For Your Body Type
105) Self - Bikini Ready Fast
106) Self - Trim and Tone
107) WH - Wedding Workout
108) Self - Best Butt Fast

Chris Freytag

109) 3-2-1 Workout
110) Drop It In 30

Anni Mairs

111) Life Force
112) Core Force
113) Cardio Force
114) Jump Force

Kathy Smith

115) Flex Appeal
116) Matrix Ultimate Sculpt
Total Body Lift (filed with Barre)

Jari Love

117) Get Ripped 1000
118) Get Ripped
119) Get Ripped and Chiseled
120) Get Ripped to the Core
121) Slim and Lean


122) Yoga Booty Ballet - Rehearsal & Guided Meditation/Total Toning Basics/Advanced Fat Burning
123) Yoga Booty Ballet Live - Hip Hop Abs/Cardio Cabaret
124) Hip Hop Abs Buns
125) Hip Hop Abs - 1
126) Hip Hope Abs - 2
Debbie Siebers
127) - Shape It Up
128) - Keep It Up/Slim and Limber
129) - Cool It Off
Tony Horton
130) - Total Body Plus
131) - Kenpo Cardio Plus
132) - Upper Plus & Abs/Core Plus
133) - Interval Plus
134) - Chest and Back
135) - Plyo X
136) - Shoulders and Arms
137) - Yoga X
138) - Legs and Back
139) - Kenpo
140) - X Stretch
141) - Core Synergystics
142) - Chest, Shoulder and Triceps
143) - Back and Biceps
144) - Cardio X
145) - Ab Ripper X
Chalene Johnson
146) - Burn Circuits 1,2,3
147) - Push Circuits 1,2,3
148) - Lean Circuits 1,2,3
149) - Burn Intervals/Ab Burner/Extreme Abs
150) - Burn It Off/Recharge

Jeanette Jenkins

151) Stretch/Core
152) Total Body Circuit


153) Yoga Prayer
154) Yoga Trance Dance
155) Yoga For Back Pain
156) Intro to Power Yoga
157) Hard Body Yoga

Hemalaya Behl

158) Bollywood
159) Yoga for Urban Living


160) Stott - Secret to Weight Loss 2
161) Stott - Secret to Flat Abs
162) Stott - Walk on to Weight Loss
163) Winsor - 20 Minute Pilates Circle/Accelerated Fat Burning
164) Jules Benson - Total Core Pilates
165) Winsor - Advanced Body Slimming
166) Winsor - Sculpting Circle Advanced
167) Pilates for Wimps

Scott Cole

168) Best Abs on Earth
169) Tai Chi Training


170) Jackie Warner - One on One Training
171) Minna Lessig - One Minute Workout
172) Erin O'Brien - Strong Body, Ageless Body
173) Karen Voight - Great Weighted Workout
174) SWAT - Definition
175) Stacey Lei Krauss - Willpower and Grace
176) Tracy York/Michelle Dozois - Step It Off
177) Christy Taylor - Mission: Possible
178) Method - Tai Chi
179) David Kirsch - Ultimate New York Body Plan
180) Star Trainers Strength
181) Patric Goudeau - Hard Work Conditioning
182) Rob Glick - Strength Training
183) Petra Kolber - Streamlined Strength
184) Fitness Fix - Intermediate
185) Lose Your Mumy Tummy
186) Biggest Loser Bootcamp

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm Writing About Fitness While Eating a Toaster Pastry - At Least It's Organic

I am still going strong on The Road to Fitness, although since I finished P90x and wrote last (in December of 2008) I have just been picking and choosing what to do based on how I feel each day and how much time I have. I even went without exercising at all for about 20 days in March, when we went on a trip to California. Not only did I not exercise, but I sat on my rear end for days in the car getting there and back, and ate lots of crappy food. But I couldn't wait to get home and start working out again, and that really pleased me because it proved that I have made fitness such a habit in my life that I don't get totally derailed when I take time off. Now I don't have to be afraid that taking a break will begin the inevitable slide back into slugdom. I do try to fit some kind of movement in most days...sometimes that's a challenging weight workout, sometimes it's a walk outside pushing the stroller, sometimes it's just throwing the frisbee outside for Moppet 4 to fetch. But even the smallest physical activity seems to keep me on track.

But tomorrow I am moving into another big and more challenging physical commitment! Another 90 day program from Beachbody! This one is called Chalean Extreme, and the weird name is a fitness take on the name of the instructor, Chalene Johnson. She is also the creator of the popular DVDs called Turbo Jam, which I personally can't stand, but I can tell I am going to love this program. It has three phases and the focus of the entire program is learning to lift heavier weights in order to build muscle and therefore boost your metabolism - the second phase calls for you to lift heavy enough that you reach muscle failure in 6-8 repetitions. That is something I have never tried, and I am interested to see how much weight it will take for various exercises and body parts. Tonight I borrowed two 30 lb dumbbells from my father, and I am going to see if I can lift those doing squats and lunges, both of which I hate, but if I only have to do 6-8 reps I can handle it.

I love starting new fitness programs, but what I love best is seeing how I am growing in both my fitness capabilities and interests. A year ago I would have been so sure I would never want to try squatting with 60 lbs, or that I'd never like or even try any kind of high impact cardio. Now I am doing both, and I am planning to order a set that is due out in June, called Insanity, which would have looked like a horror movie to me even 6 months ago. I'm not even sure if I am fit enough for that one yet, but I know that I can get there in time if I just keep working towards that goal. I even think it looks like FUN to suffer that much.

I also know now that within my genetic limits and limits imposed by things like childbearing (read stretch marks and not-so-taut belly skin), I really can get my figure to look VERY GOOD, if I am willing to put the work in as far as exercise and nutrition goes. I still don't know how much work I am willing to put into the eating side of it, but for most of my life I really thought that I couldn't have a really fit looking body because I just figured I wasn't blessed with one - I did not realize that most of those bodies come from hard work, and I now know that I CAN work that hard if I want to. It's nice to have that option, and even nicer to realize that translates into anything I or you might want to do, and is not limited to exercise.

I'm really starting to sound like a self-help guru, aren't I? I'm not trying to, but learning to exercise has taught me that it is fine to be a beginner at something, and it won't take long from your first feeble effort to the point where you are well versed and competent in the new field. It is almost exactly 2 years ago that I got my first workout DVD - Leslie Sanson'e VERY moderate 3 Mile Fat Burning Walk. I was pregnant at that time, but even taking that into consideration, the workout was a real challenge for me. Now I would have to use a high step and add jogging intervals to bring it to a challenging level. So, any of you who might be starting to exercise and feeling discouraged, just give yourself some time. In anything that is new to you, there will be a learning curve - a lingo that you have to decipher, new tools you have to figure out. etc. Be patient with yourself, and remember that making something a habit takes a while - and you need to make exercise a habit if it is going to be something you stick wth lifelong, which is what you need to do to reap its benefits.

You might never love it as much as I do (that still surprises me!!), you may have physical issues that keep you from lifting heavy weights or doing anything high impact, or whatever. But there is some kind of exercise you can enjoy enough to make a regular part of your life, that can keep you from being too overweight, too inflexible and too weak to enjoy your time on earth both now and as you age. I saw a decrease in my fitness level just in the 20 days I didn't exercise while on vacation; there is definitely a Use It Or Lose It component to your body's fitness - but I also saw that I was able to regain that fitness and even surpass it in some respects very quickly, much more quickly than it originally took to develop it. So, start small, but start now. You won't regret it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Life After P90X

I actually finished about 78 Days of the X. That last week Moppet 4 was ill and I did not have time to work out at all, except for a few walks outside...and I found that I was so relieved not to be Xing that I did not go back and finish the last week. I did not realize how tired I was until I stopped. Someone said the same thing on a fitness forum last week, so I guess Tony can also have that effect on others!

The Final grade of the Program is A...for Enjoyability, Value and Results.

Despite the fact that P90X wiped me out, I enjoyed myself just about every time I worked out. Some days it was harder than others and so I had to use less weight, but I always found Tony motivating and the workouts thorough.

I paid 100.00 new on Amazon for the 12 DVDs, and I think I got my money's worth even if I never use one again (although I know I will). Even taking into consideration the fact that I only used about 8 of the 12 discs regularly, the cost of each month was far less than I would have paid for a personal trainer or even a basic gym membership.

The results I got with the X were dramatic. I gained a lot of strength, lost a lot of fat, and really shaped up The Ol' Bod. The first week, for example, I could do something like 3 pushups on my toes/10 on my knees for a particular kind of pushup. By the last week, I could do the same move 15 times on my toes and another 15 or more on my knees.

Since I don't weigh myself, I can't say "I lost X number of pounds". But I can say that almost all my clothes are literally falling off me. I am probably just about the size I was when I was 20, and I am finally losing fat from "The Most Stubborn Areas", which for me are the front and back torso. I could eat twinkies and pork rinds all day and never get a saddlebag, but those icky bra rolls are something I have had even when I was thin in the past - but they are nearly gone now. I'm sure a lot of that is also due to my eating habits being much more healthy than in bygone days, but the weight/resistance work in the X has actually given my body "shape" where none existed before.

So, doing The X was a great experience both physically and mentally. It challenged my body and my was one of the hardest things I have ever done, in terms of both bodily and psychological strength and endurance. I would recommend this program to anyone who has already made exercise a habit and who is not afraid to work hard and push their limits. It doesn't matter how much weight you can lift or your current endurance or flexibility. If you have mastered the basics of exercise, you can modify this program to meet your needs, and if you Bring It you will come out the other side in much better shape!

Since I finished I have been doing the new Squeeze workouts, and some really fun and challenging cardios called Force Fitness. It was surprising to me how difficult non-P90x workouts felt! I guess your body really does get accustomed to what you are doing, and at some level even hard things seem easier after a while.

The new Squeezes are very hard and awesome! I definitely yell with the difficulty more than I ever did with Tony! Squeeze Stronger is 80 minutes, which is long, but it's broken up into two 45 minute segments - Upper Body and Waist, and Lower Body and Abs. I start with only 5 pounds in the upper body work, but by the end I am down to 2 pounds, and the thigh and butt work is a real burner! The Lower Body Challenge is 30 minutes, and it is a tough half hour.

The Forces might be my favorite cardio workouts. They have very simple choreography, but a lot of variety. You do a new move every minute. The moves are mostly cardio and you can do them on the floor or on a step, and you hold very light weights during those portions. Occasionally there is a minute of abs/core or other light weight moves (you can up the poundage in these sections). There are beginner, intermediate and advanced versions shown. A few weeks ago when Moppet 4 was sick and I was none too well myself, I actually found myself doing the intermediate and beginner modifications, and even stopped at 25 minutes! That is very unlike me, but one thing I learned in the X months is that you just need to (quoting Tony) "Do Your Best, and Forget the Rest"...and I have learned that sometimes your best is just not very impressive from the outside. Sometimes your best will actually be nothing. But listening to your body and doing what you can is both empowering and comforting. You know you have choices, and you also know that you are not falling off the wagon even if you are slowing the horses down a bit!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In The Home Stretch...and My New Way of Eating

I am in week ELEVEN of P90x! It will all end in just two and a half weeks! This week I moved from doing my pullups with resistance bands to doing them on my Fluidity Bar. Those are still nowhere near full pullups, but I could only do half as many as I have worked up to on the bands, and my back is sore from the shoulders down, so they must be working the right muscles.

I have never been tired of Tony Horton for even one teeny, tiny minute. Even the workouts I did less than specified I never got tired of - I just had to cut back the intensity some weeks and I won't cut out the weight work. I think in these last two weeks I am going to bring yoga back, but I am going to split it over 2 days - the moving postures on Thursday, and the balance/stretch postures on Saturday. That will make those workout days only 45 minutes instead of an hour, which I will appreciate. But the yoga does something good for my left side and hip, which give me a lot of problems, and I notice when I don't include them in my week.

I am so thrilled to have come this far in this program...I know I could die within the next two weeks and not complete it, but barring that or a similar tragedy, I know that I will soon be a P90X Graduate. When I first started exercising and I saw that in someone's signature line on the Video Fitness forum, I was in awe. I thought I would never be able to do something labeled "extreme" - and here I am, not even a year later, doing it! This has been good for so much more than my health and figure. It has been wonderful for me psychologically to see that I could set my mind to a fairly long-term goal, a hard one, and accomplish it. While that is not totally unheard of in my life, it is not the norm. I know that finishing P90X will give me confidence to attempt other projects that scare me or seem too difficult.

In my last post, I mentioned that I wanted to try to blast off my remaining pounds. I am just not a diet person, though, so if I had to be miserable eating too few calories or eliminate whole food groups, I would just hang onto the extra fat. Then I was browsing around in health and fitness websites and I came across an article called Ten Foods You Should Eat Every Day, and I knew that was the kind of eating plan for me! It would make sure that I was getting at least some healthy variety, and since it is comprised of all unprocessed, unrefined foods, it would make for a clean diet which is good for losing fat. There were a few foods on the list I don't like...fresh tomatoes and black beans. So, I substituted lean protein (chicken or turkey breast) for the beans and just left the tomatoes out. So, this is the list I have written on the white board in my kitchen:

Oranges or Fresh Orange Juice
Lean Protein
Whole Grains
and I added eggs, but I have not included them every day

I have just been putting together meals and snacks based on this list...for example - grilled chicken from the fridge, on a whole grain corn tortilla with cilantro, pepper jack cheese and spinach, with either yogurt and blueberries on the side or a glass of orange juice. Or brown rice with shredded spinach and cashews, with some carrots on the side. I've been doing this for a little over a week and have already shed some fat in the most stubborn areas. I have been eating other things too, even some junk. But I think making sure I get my nutrients, and the fact that these foods make good, filling meals without oodles of calories is what has broken through the plateau.

That said, I am making almond filled danish pastries today! But I did find a way to make some more forgiving baked goods healthier...King Arthur Flour sells a whole wheat flour made from white whole wheat that is naturally lighter than the traditional whole wheat and ground more finely
The other day I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with this flour and oats, making them 100% whole grain...and nobody noticed! Plus the fact that I cut down the sugar, these were cookies that were "Good Tasting and Good For You", and I had no qualms about letting Moppet 4 have five of them!

Well, it's time to break out the weights for my last Shoulders and Arms workout in this P90X round.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Can't Believe I'm Already in Phase Three

When I first began P90x, I thought the months would drag, doing the same workouts for 13 weeks! But it has really sped by. In this phase you do the Phase 1 workouts in weeks 9 and 11, and Phase 2 workouts in weeks 10 and 12, with week 13 being the final recovery week - wherein you collapse and die...I mean wherein you congratulate yourself for a job well done, and stand in front of the mirror looking pleased.

In the past few weeks I have eliminated yoga and replaced it with XStretch. The yoga is an excellent program, but it is very long and very hard to do along with the difficult resistance work. The stretch is very yoga inspired and a full hour itself, and it definitely filled the flexibility need, although it's lacking the strength work in Yoga X, which is why I'm skipping it! Doing it the day after Back and Biceps (Phase 2) or Shoulders and Arms (Phase 1) is just too much, and it was having a serious dread factor for me. I didn't even do it in the last recovery week. I am sure I will pull it out again sometime in the future, but not in a P90X rotation. I have also used Ab Ripper X only once or twice a week, rather than 3 times.

As I get closer to the end of the 90 days, I appreciate this program even more. I think that in the future I will pattern my workout weeks on the P90x protocol -three days of strength, two of cardio and one flexibility. I may even alternate one month P90x/one month other workouts or perhaps 2 weeks P90x/2 weeks other workouts just to maintain the great results I have gotten with these discs. I think the results would have actually been incredible if I had really cleaned up my eating, but I haven't changed that at all. I am considering making November "Blast Off the Fat" month and eating super clean (no processed foods, refined grains, etc), but it is cooler and this is when I like to bake! So, while I may watch it a bit, I ain't makin' no promises.

As far as results go - I have gotten stronger, developed better balance and greater cardio endurance. My "problem areas" look much better, and my "non-problem areas" look excellent. I have lost quite a bit of fat from all over, and like I said, this is without changing my eating habits - which are not horrible, but not super healthy, either. I just think my body likes the amount of weight work in this program, and that my metabolism is doing well as I build up more muscle. I still can't do a pullup, but Husband will be making me a pullup bar that I can use when I do another round of the X sometime next year, and hopefully I'll be able to do at least one then! I can do a lot more pushups on my toes than I could do at the beginning, and can do kinds of pushups that were really too difficult for me when I started.

I have learned a lot of new exercises, and feel like I have come to understand weightlifting more - which muscles are worked with which exercises, etc. I think I could advise someone on designing a weightlifting regimen, and know that if I were stranded somewhere without my DVDs, I could keep myself in shape. I told myself that I would not purchase the personail trainer certification program until I finished this, because I figured it would be a good education as well as a good physical challenge, and it definitely has been.

I'm too tired to say anything else but P90x ROCKS!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Deep Into Week 7...

...And I am getting tired! Not tired of mah man Tony, but physically tired! Next week is the second recovery week, and I am definitely looking forward to it mentally, and my body is craving a weight-free week

The resistance workouts that were added in Phase 2 have been a lot more challenging than those in Phase 1, although it is the cumulative effect of five days of high-intensity workouts taken together that makes this program so tough. I am glad that I did not like the Kenpo disc and so have two days off each week...if I didn't, I think I be really burned out and maybe slacking off. I have been taking the extra day off on Wednesday or Thursday instead of Saturday, and I usually feel ready to work hard again the next day.

An interesting thing is that some days I am stronger than others, and I don't know why. On certain days I can lift heavier weights, or do more pushups or whatever, while other days I need to take more breaks as well as choose lighter dumbbells. Last week I felt really wiped out, and now that I think about it, I remember that I stayed up until 2am at least three times last week, watching a televison show online, believe it or not.

Now, a little about the workouts of Phase 2. Shoulders, Chest and Triceps is one of the hardest workouts I have ever done, and Back and Biceps is not far behind. I collapse on the next-to-last exercise in SCT, which is a pushup that then goes into a side plank pose:

I wish that exercise came earlier in the workout, since it is a move I like a lot - I think I might skip to it early on the next time I do that DVD so I can do more than one rep without my arm literally giving out.

Back and Biceps doesn't feel that tough when I am doing it, but near the end my muscles are so fatigued I can hardly hold my pen to write down my weight/repetitions. I'm not kidding - my hand almost doesn't work to grip the pen! I've heard about working your muscles until "failure" but this is the first workout where I have actually done that - I try to lift the weight one more time and physically cannot do it. This happens even though I have chosen to lower the weight I use for biceps, because I don't want to look like Ahnold.

After the recovery week (Week 8) I will be in Phase 3, which alternates the workouts from Phases 1 and 2 every other week. I am looking forward to that, as I enjoy all of them. I am pleasantly surprised that I have not gotten tired of any of these workouts. I have never done a "rotation" before, rotation meaning doing particular DVDs/types of exercise/instructors for a certain length of time instead of just picking something random each day. I thought that a rotation would cramp my spontaneous side, but in fact it has been a good discipline for me. I think in the future I am going to do rotations more often. I am already thinking about what to do during December!

I do plan on buying 3 of the 5 workouts from P90X plus, but I am going to take at least a month away from Tony and do something less intense. On my current workout wishlist is:

Anni Mairs 4 pack
Squeeze Stronger
Core Fusion
Chalean Extreme (which will probably be what I do from January through March)
New Bar Methods
P90X Interval Plus, Upper Body Plus, Upper/Lower Plus

When I will be able to afford all those, and in what order I get them, has yet to be determined.

Now it's time to read to Moppet 3 while I nurse the baby - just lyin' down sounds mighty good after all this exercise talk!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Recovery Week

I recovered a bit more than the P90x plan...Moppet 4 was ill for half the week and I felt pretty run down from lack of sleep. I was supposed to do:

Core Synergistics twice, YogaX twice, X Stretch once and Kenpo once.

I actually did:

Core Synergistics twice, YogaX once and Leslie Sansone twice, with one outside walk.

That is the lightest exercise week I have had in many months, and I definitely needed it. It is amazing that I have come to think of 5 days of exercise as a light week! When I was a slug I would have thought that was practically Olympic level training, heheheheeeee!! It was very nice to hardly lift weights at all...there were only a few moves in CS that called for weights, and I used light 8 pounders.

Core Synergistics was not as scary as it looked when I previewed it...I had a lot of fun doing it, actually. I do have a bruise on one of my hipbones from doing a few of the moves that have you on the ground, rolling from your back to your side or stomach and back again. For example, you would go from bow:

to boat:

...with the idea being to use your core to turn you around every 10 seconds, and of course these are both core postures themselves. The bruise is a drag, but back in early 2007 I had so much blubber on my hipbone that it probably would have been too cushioned to bruise!

Tomorrow I start Phase 2 and get back into the heavy strength work, with Back and Biceps - I haven't tried that one yet. It's going to be a busy week, and I don't think I'll always be able to do my workouts in the morning. When I expect to get off schedule I do start to hear my inner perfectionist complain, but I have pretty much learned to tune it out. I've been doing well with getting the workouts done in the afternoon or evening when mornings aren't convenient - but I also know that if I (gasp) miss a day I can just do it the next day. I am only gung-ho about getting in the 3 weighted workouts and Yoga each week...since I walk at least 2 miles most every night, and if I miss Plyometrics (or the Leslie I've been substituting for Kenpo) I know I'm still getting in the cardio.

Moppet 4 is ready for bed, and I need to rest up so Tony doesn't pound me into dust tomorrow.